I have always been fascinated by
the concept of an eternal flame.
An idea that survives the test of
time fed by the passion of those
who believe. Keeping the flame
alive. The sons and daughters of
legendary bluesmen and
women carry on a tradition that
their parents started many years
ago. That flame burns brightly
today because of those
"Flamekeepers". -
George formed The
Flamekeepers to back up
Arizona Blues Legend Chico
Chism. The Flamekeepers
continue to play songs from
Chico's catalog. "We have a ball
playing songs that Chico wrote
as well as a long list of
standards that Chico had a way
of reinventing." The
Flamekeepers are developing
their own unique sound inspired
by their mentor Chico Chism.
The Flamekeeper Name
George Thomas & The Flamekeepers
upcoming shows
George Thomas &
In memory of our friend the
legendary Chico Chism 1927-2007
The Flamekeepers
Photo by Randy Lowrey
from Chico's Collection